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You are a legacy if one or both of your parents graduated from the University of Delaware.

Legacy Program

The UD Legacy Program is designed to facilitate opportunities for legacies to learn about the latest news and opportunities at UD during the college search process.

The University of Delaware Alumni Association participates in programs sponsored by the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office website has a complete schedule of open houses and programs that legacies are encouraged to attend. The Alumni Association hosts a reception at all Delaware Decision Days events in February and April and provides an opportunity for potential legacy students and their families to visit with board members and Student Alumni Ambassadors and receive a special gift.

Being a legacy is one of many factors that determine admission eligibility. Academic credentials will always be the most important factor in the application process. Merit scholarships are determined by the application for admission.

Additional scholarships such as the Academic Enrichment Awards are available to legacy students. Academic Enrichment Awards were created in 2001 by the University of Delaware Alumni Association (UDAA) to provide, through financial assistance, opportunities for students to enrich their education at the University of Delaware. In 2011, the criterion for funding was updated and only Legacy students are eligible to receive funding. Click here to learn more.

For more information about legacy programs offered by the UD Alumni Association, please email


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