1952   W. Owen Sypherd, AS96, 25H, 47H

1953   H. Rodney Sharp, AS00, 48H

1954   Hugh M. Morris, AS98, 28H

1955   Samuel M.D. Marshall, AS05

1956   John J. DeLuca, AS22

1957   William Watson Harrington, AS95, 50H

1958   Charles W. Bush, AS03

1959   Mary Collison Fraim, 54H, and Charles P. Messick, AS07, 09M, 33H

1960   Warren C. Newton, ANR16, 55H

1961   Ernest S. Wilson, EG18, 63H

1962   Richard S. Rodney, AS04, 50H

1963   John A. Munroe, AS36, AS41M

1964   Mary C. Dennison, AS19, and Charles E. Grubb, EG14, 30H

1965   Clarence E. Taylor, EG11, EG16M

1966   Mina Press Thompson, AS41, 57M

1967   Karl L. Herrmann, EG07, 59H

1968   Florence Phillips Loose AS23, and Harry W. Loose, EG20

1969   Frances Malcom Patnovic AS28, and Alexander J. Taylor Jr., EG30

1970   Milton L. Draper, EG22

1971   Marjorie Johnson Squire, AS28, and Walter J. Coppock, EG28

1972   Helen Layton Thompson, EHD35, and George W. Thompson, BE34

1973   Joseph A. Thielman EG23, 30M

1974   Alice Pepper Gallagher, AS36, and Edwin G. Crocker, ANR36

1975   Catharine Dougherty Gause, AS25, and W. Dent Smith, EG22, 57H

1976   Marian Hatfield McCaughan, EHD22, and Knowles R. Bowen, EG18

1977   Helen Swain Fox, AS31, and Thomas Muncy Keith, AS22

1978   Alice Sheldon Taylor, AS37, and Benjamin R. Phillips, EG31

1979   Catherine Burke Flickinger, EHD40, and Herbert H. Flickinger, ANR38

1980   Dorothy M. Welsh, AS44, and Herbert H. Lank AS25, 59H

1981   Mildred Heite Snowberger, EHD32, 53, 60M, and William L. Gerow, AS41

1982   Dorothy E. Markert, AS37, and Preston C. Townsend, ANR32

1983   Elizabeth Snedeker Phillips, EHD33, and J. Allen Frear, ANG24, 92H

1984   Jeanette Rust McDonnal, AS31, and T. Elbert Chance, AS52, AS59M

1985   Shirley Riley Tarrant, EHD57, and Frederic G. Krapf Jr., AS44

1986   Anne Swain Levis, AS46, and C. Jackson Levis, EG50

1987   William W. Swayze III, BE38, and Anne Clayton Nesbitt, EHD42

1988   M. Elizabeth Cloud, AS33, and Paul C. Seitz, BE71

1989   Barbra Andrisani, EHD68, and Eugene D. DiSabatino, EG43

1990   Eleanor Vandegrift Spangler, AS45, and Robert Siemen, AS43, AS55M, BE64M

1991   Barbara Jenkinson Owens, HS58, and Charles S. Joanedis, EG50

1992   M. Jane Wiley Richter, EHD59, and Robert V.A. Harra Jr., BE71

1993   H. Wesley Towers Jr., ANR64, and JoAnne Collier Shaw, AS60, AS75M

1994   Sally Heinel Higgins, AS48, EHD72M, and Anthony DePetris, AS86M

1995   Barbara Ebaugh Mouring EHD58, and William Clements, EG44, EG50M

1996   Samuel J. Talucci, ANR51

1997   Joan Marshall Thompson, AS49, and Lillian Marshall Burris, AS41

1998   Joyce Hilty Richards, EHD51, and William Murray Jr., ANR50

1999   Donald F. Crossan, ANR50

2000   Robert L. Richards, EG50

2001   Linda Brinton Harra, HS71, and Donald J. Lowe Jr., ANR66

2002   Ann B. Catts, AS52, and Fred P. Rullo Jr., AS63

2003   Ellen Harris, EHD52, and Richard H. Harris, BE52

2004   Barbara Smith, EHD64, and Harold Smith, BE64

2005   Marilyn Smith Horne, EHD55, and Robert B. Horne, EG55

2006   Suzanne McMahon Sears, EHD78, and James A. Sears, BE70

2007   Peggy Moeckel, AS76, and Thorpe Moeckel, AS79

2008   Charlotte Waterbury Brown, AS81, and Scott Somerville, BE76

2009   Julie Moyer Knowles, HS82, and Leonard Stark, AS91

2010   Vance Funk, BE65, and John Gooden EG87

2011   Greg Lamoreaux, BE72, and Kerri Pike, AS03

2012   Claire M. DeMatteis, AS87, and Terrance Bowman, EG95

2013   Grace Thompson Leong, AS88, and Steven E. Linberg, AS73

2014   Shanté Stargell Hastings, EG00, and Shawn Duff, BE08

2015   Marian Bergan Cottrell, AS85, and Fred Cottrell, AS85, and Patricia Novack Drake, HS75, 80M

2017   Alan L. Brayman, BE73, and Darelle Lake Riabov, AS73

2018   Mary Ann Hangen Blair, AS66, 82M, and Kenneth C. Jones, BE80

2019   Traci S. Boddy, BE01, and John F. Knarr, HS77, HS81M, AS90

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