Alumni Clubs

UD Alumni gather all over the world. To find Blue Hens near you, see the groups below. If you want to get involved as a volunteer, visit the UD Alumni Nomination form online.

UD Regional Alumni Clubs

Baltimore Alumni Club

President, Dana Rathfon '08, '10M
Vice President, Open
Special Events Chair, Open
Young Alumni Chair, Open
Communications Chair, Alley (Boris) Burnham '09
Treasurer, William Chan '11, '13M

Boston Alumni Club

President, Lisa Blazejewski '95
Vice President, Susanne Sullivan '03
Special Events Chair, Molly Sullivan '12
Young Alumni Chair, John Hamnett '06
Communications Chair, Amanda Jett '11
Treasurer, Courtney Forrester '99

Chicago Alumni Club

President, Ben Binder-Markey '08
Vice President, Laura Kozlowski '09
Special Events Chair, Kyla Carlson '10
Young Alumni Chair, Matthew Kluger '05
Communications Chair, Nina Bonano '06M
Treasurer, Open

Florida (South) Alumni Club (Miami/Ft. Lauderdale)

President, David Pearl '83
Vice President Co-Chair, Nick Cantore '73
Vice President Co-Chair, Salome Zikakis '82
Special Events Chair, Tim Crowley '07
Young Alumni Chair, Lauren O'Donnell '07
Communications Chair, Rob Finkelstein '87
Treasurer, Open

Kent & Sussex Counties (DE) Alumni Club

President, Shante Stargell-Hastings '00
Vice President, Alison Leigh Dubinski '07, '10M
Special Events Chair, Paige Doeberl '07
Young Alumni Chair, Lindsay McNinch '10
Communications Chair, Michele Walfred '07
Treasurer, Open

Lancaster County Alumni Club

President, Linday Thrasher '07
Vice President, Open
Special Event Chair, Open
Young alumni Chair, Open
Communications Chair, Lindsay Thrasher '07
Treasurer, Open

Lehigh Valley Alumni Club

President, Ron Martin '86
Vice President, Paula Uhrin '90
Special Events Chair, Patty McClain '04
Young Alumni Chair, Adriana Rodriguez '12
Communications Co-Chairs, Cory Sanderson '07 & Jamie Sanderson '07
Treasurer, Christine Bongiorno '94

New Castle County (DE) Alumni Club

President, Jessica Bright '01
Vice President, Megan Pettingill '10
Special Events Chair, Julie Derrickson '01
Young Alumni Chair, Julia Dean '11
Communications Chair, Deirde Stafford '08
Treasurer, Stacy Newman '04
Committee Member, Lindsey Timberman '02

New York City (and Metro area) Alumni Club

President, Richard Greenberg '77
Vice President, Deanna Forgione '05
Special Events Chair, Sabina Ellahi '08
Young Alumni Chair, OPEN
Communications Chair, Lalena Luna '00
Treasurer, Eric H. Rosen '11
Long Island: Kristyn Noren '08

Northern NJ

President, Open
Vice President, Eric Sengel '06
Young Alumni Chair, Open
Special Events Chair, Kiley Travis '07
Communications Chair, Jamie Travis '10
Treasurer, Greg Kufeldt '10

Philadelphia Alumni Club

President, Evan Wilbert '10
Vice President, Jacqueline Campbell '05
Special Events Chair, Caitlin Maloney '10
Young Alumni Chair, Alicia Gentile '10
Communications Chair, Liza Kahn '11
Treasurer, Open

Pittsburgh Blue Hens

President, Meg Huber '12
Vice President, Drew Majerick '08
Special Events Chair, Alex Stanzione '08
Young Alumni Chair, Jim Losi '12
Communications Chair, Martha King '09
Treasurer, Scott Scheinberg '13

Reading Alumni Club

President, Jody Maryniak '03
Vice President, Open
Special Event Chair, Open
Young Alumni Chair, Allison Faulkner '06
Communications Chair, Open
Treasurer, Open

Richmond Alumni Club

President, Open
Vice President, Liz Foster-Tyler '07
Special Event Chair, John Martin '89
Young Alumni Chair, Janine Howard '08
Communications Chair, Dana Marks '08
Treasurer, Open

Washington, DC Alumni Club

President, Karen Slachetka '05
Vice President, Daniel Gerber '11
Special Events Co-Chair, Elynsey Price '13
Special Events Co-Chair, Emily Halle '08
Young Alumni Chair, Kevin Connor '07 '11
Communications Chair, Open
Treasurer, David Christopher '09

Blue Hen Cities and Regions

Asheville (NC) Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Mark Strazzer '02
Alumni Representative, Sean Geran '02

Atlanta Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Tony Wilbert '88

Bay Area Blue Hens (San Francisco, Oakland)
Alumni Representative, Sara Linton '06
Alumni Representative, Janine Corcoran '96
Alumni Representative, Wenny Lin '03

Charlotte Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Jeff Kravis '76, '80M
Alumni Representative, Lauren Sammerson '98, '08M

Denver Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Joanne Nawrocki '77
Alumni Representative, Kevin O’Connor '68

Florida, Central Blue Hens (Orlando)
Alumni Representative, Laura Cutler '06
Alumni Representative, Jacob Schmalenberger '06
Alumni Representative, Jamie Schmalenberger '06

Florida, West Blue Hens (Tampa/St. Petersburg)
Alumni Representative, Kristin Crawford '98

Korea Alumni Association
President, Yeon Chang '88
Vice President, Hi-Il Yi '92

Los Angeles Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Allyson Klabe '00
Alumni Representative, Amanda Tomasetti '09
Alumni Representative, Jean Tordella '69

Maryland, Eastern Shore Blue Hens
(Salisbury/Ocean City)
Alumni Representative, Edward Devin Clark '93

New Jersey, South Blue Hens

New Orleans Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Meredith Grabek '08
Alumni Representative, Noel Murphy '04

Phoenix (AZ) Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Jesse Abrams '07
Alumni Representative, Rachel Sackett '04
Alumni Representative, Stephanie Schaefer '97

Portland (OR) Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Kimberly Lomax ‘00
Alumni Representative, Gregory Owens '01

Raleigh-Durham (NC) Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Heather Meyer '99
Alumni Representative, Ken Nelson '01 

San Diego Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Matt Semic '02
Alumni Representative, Nick Hidell '09
Alumni Representative, Paul Faulstich '98
Alumni Representative, John Davis '11

Seattle (WA) Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Sharon Feucht '75
Alumni Representative, Meredith Miller '10

South Carolina Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Jack Ellsworth '70
Alumni Representative, Stephanie Nesbitt '91
Alumni Representative, Dana Anderson '77

Texas Blue Hens
Alumni Representative, Sandra Dunphy '76
Alumni Representative, Susan Windenor Kreuer '77
Alumni Representative, Alvin Saylor '77
Alumni Representative, Eric Mei '96
Alumni Representative, Danielle Mauz '06
Alumni Representative, Kelli Evers '09
Alumni Representative, Lauren Adamczyk '04
Alumni Representative, Robert Boudwin '97