Blue Hen Zog Kickball- Weeknights in Hoboken

Monday, March 31, 2014

Blue Hen Zog Kickball- Weeknights in Hoboken

4 Wednesdays, 2 Mondays, and 1 Thursday between March 31 - May
First Game: Monday, March 31, 7:00 PM

Game days & times vary, schedule is out mid-March.
Happy Hour to follow each night.


Location: Mama Johnson Field (4th and Jackson in Hoboken)
Cost: $90

Mix, mingle, and kick with fellow Blue Hens as part of a UD Alumni Kickball team! Relive your childhood days with weekly kickball games against other local Zog teams.

The Rules

• No bouncies (a.k.a. bouncing pitches) and no head shots (i.e., you can throw the ball at the runner, but NOT at their head.

• All fielders must stay behind the pitching line until the ball is kicked. Bunting is allowed, but limited to 3 per inning. 1 base on overthrow is maximum, but not guaranteed

• Everyone present at the game must be in the kicking order. No more than 3 men may kick in a row in the kicking order

• Each game is 7 inning (or 60 minute time limit – no mercy rule)

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