Networking opportunities for Blue Hens, both social and professional, are plentiful. See the links below to the many networking avenues that are available to alumni.


  • Alumni Clubs

    Regional alumni clubs give you the opportunity to connect with Blue Hens wherever you live. The types of events our clubs host vary from cultural, sporting or family-oriented to professional networking or simply social. If you want to cultivate a stronger alumni network in your area, you are invited to help plan events, provide leadership and guidance or simply attend gatherings.

  • Virtual Networking Events

    Make connections with UD alumni in your industry, in your geographical area through one-on-one, chat-based speed networking events. Best of all, because it’s virtual, you can build your professional network over your lunch hour without leaving your desk or favorite sandwich spot!

  • Alumni Commitments

    Photos of newly married couples are printed in UD's magazine, The Messenger, and on Flickr. Also, one group photo is selected to be published in each issue.

  • UD on Facebook

    The UD alumni page on Facebook gives Blue Hens the power to share and make our world more open and connected. 

  • UD on Flickr

    In addition to being a popular Web site for users to share personal photographs, Flickr is widely used by bloggers as a photo repository. UD Alumni Relations is posting its event photos to its own Flickr account.

  • UD on Twitter

    Follow UDalumni to get updates on everything from regional alumni events and special offers, to UD news and campus happenings.

  • UD on LinkedIn

    When you join the University of Delaware Alumni Network on LinkedIn, you can expand and track your network in an organized and systematic way. The UD Alumni Network group provides an ideal starting point for professionals and becomes more useful as it grows.

  • Hen Talks Webinar Series

    Presented by UD alumni, faculty and staff, this webinar series will feature topics related to furthering your career & professional development. Both informative and interactive, UD webinars are designed to help you achieve on-the-job success.

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