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What is UD CAN?
UD CAN is an easy-to-use platform with a simple mission: to connect Blue Hens from across the world with one another for mentoring, networking and professional opportunities.

Whether you are looking to get advice, give advice (or are open to both), UD CAN provides a way to get involved.

By joining the platform, you gain access to thousands of career-minded Blue Hens, public and private groups segmented by shared interest, a job board and more.
How do I sign up?
To sign up, click “Join UD CAN.” You'll be prompted to register by connecting your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles or your email address. Fill out the short registration form, indicate how you want to help or get help, and you are done. Approvals take an average of 1-2 business days.
How does it work?
Once you complete your profile, set your availability preferences to indicate how much time you want to commit and, if you are interested in being a mentor, how many mentees you can support at one time.

Interested users will be able to view your profile and reach out to request mentorship or a “flash mentorship.” Sometimes it takes a while for a student or fellow alumnus to discover you due to the size of the program, so please be patient.

If you get a request, we hope you'll accept it; but you always have the option to decline a request if you simply don't have time or think it's the wrong fit.
Can I sign up to “Get Advice” and “Give Advice”?
Yes! UD CAN is built to accommodate multiple types of users, depending on what they are looking for. You only need to create one profile (no multiple log-ins) to get advice or give advice.
When can I expect students to reach out?
Mentorship and flash mentoring on UD CAN is initiated by users who are seeking advice. While there is no guarantee you will get contacted, having an up-to-date calendar and profile with your photo helps mentees feel more connected to you. Due to the scale of this program, it may take a while to get a request, but there are other ways to stay active on the platform.
What are other ways to use the platform?
We encourage everyone who signs up for UD CAN to familiarize themselves with the discussion board and resource section. There is also a jobs board for alumni to hire other Hens.

In the future, we will be creating shared interest Groups for all users to join. We want to know what you would find valuable, so fill out this survey to tell us what Groups you'd like to see.
Why do you call alumni “advisors” and not “mentors”?
The word “mentor” is typically associated with a long-term commitment, so we use the word “advisor” to draw attention to the flexibility of UD CAN. You may adjust your preferences to accept as many or as few requests to connect as your schedule allows. If you’d like to become a mentor, there is a section during registration that lets you indicate that you are open to a longer-term mentoring option.
Is my privacy protected?
Yes. Because all consultations are routed through the UD CAN platform, including all direct messages and phone calls between advisor and advisee, your personal contact information is never released to anyone else on the platform. UD CAN even allows for video call integration directly through the platform. Only registered users will be able to reach out to you, further ensuring your contact information remains private and protected.

Read how alumni connected and found career success through UD CAN.

UD CAN is available as a resource because of generous support from the UD Alumni Association (UDAA).

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For questions about this initiative, contact Thomas Julian, Associate Director, Alumni Engagement, Career and Professional Engagement.

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