Samantha Kelley & Stephen Murphy Samantha Keller, AS17, swears she applied to over one hundred jobs before a fortunate connection through UD’s Career Acceleration Network (UD CAN) led her to a position with NetElixir, a global digital marketing firm. Keller learned about UD CAN while hunting for her first post-college job. Disappointed by her lack of luck, she decided to join the platform.

“I would tell students to sign up for UD CAN as soon as possible,” says Keller. “When I saw how incredibly useful it was, I was kicking myself for not registering earlier.”

Quickly after joining the platform, Keller reached out to Stephen Murphy, BE09, Director of Marketing with NetElixir. Eager to learn more about his background in digital marketing, she hoped he could share some advice on breaking into the industry. Impressed with her resume, Murphy shared it with his company and a few days later they offered her an interview. Within two weeks, she was hired as a Customer Success Associate. Keller remains grateful for UD CAN and how it directly connects users. She knows it played a huge part in helping her get to where she is today.

“When you’re just submitting your resume to places or reaching out through LinkedIn, you miss making a real connection,” explains Keller. “UD CAN is such an easy way to digitally meet others in your field on a human level.”

For Murphy, the benefits to advisors are tremendous. The platform provides him with a rewarding and convenient way to support his alma mater and make an impact on students and young alumni looking for career guidance.

“We’ve all been there at one point in our lives so it’s good to give back when we can. UD CAN is a low intensity, easy way to do so by helping students jumpstart their careers,” says Murphy. “It also introduces alumni to good quality candidates who are like-minded and talented.”

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