Sujata Bhatia, AS99, EG99, 99M

&lduo;I had a lot of different academic interests as an undergraduate, and the University of Delaware gave me the freedom and encouragement to pursue them. In my career, I’ve seen that engineering and science are increasingly interdisciplinary, so having that ability to explore different fields—including doing undergraduate research—was very valuable. I had some excellent professors at UD, I worked hard, and I had a great time.”

Sujata Bhatia is a medical researcher for the DuPont Co., where she is working on the development of bioadhesives for closing wounds and of polymers for interventional medical devices. After earning three bachelor’s degrees—in biology, biochemistry and chemical engineering—and a master’s degree in chemical engineering, all at UD, she earned medical and doctoral degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. She remains involved with various UD activities, including the Women in Engineering mentoring program.

published in UD Messenger in 2007

Sujata was awarded the Presidential Citation for Outstanding Achievement by UD in 2006. The award honors graduates of the last 20 years who exhibit great promise in their professional career and/or public service activities. In 2008 Sujata was named president of the New Castle County Alumni Club and with her term over, she assumed the presidency of the UD Engineering Alumni Association. Sujata was also a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering and she started co-teaching biochemical engineering and biomedical engineering courses in September 2009. In 2011, Sujata became Assistant Director for Undergraduate Studies in Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University, and in 2012 became the Assistant Dean of the Harvard Summer School.


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