Vicki Vara, HS99

Vicki Vara ’99 HS exudes health and wellness in every aspect of her life. A fitness entrepreneur, high school physical education teacher, instructor and personal trainer, Vicki was turned onto fitness instruction by Leanne Higgins, head cheerleading coach from 1993 to 1999.

“My coach suggested that I teach group classes as a part time job. Once I started teaching, I was hooked!” says Vara. “This also happened to be the time when the College of Health Sciences was expanding and beginning to offer some new exciting majors. It seemed to be the perfect fit for me.”

After graduation, Vicki worked as a studio owner, high school health teacher, personal trainer and nutrition coach. Her expertise in health led her to create her own physical wellness program called the v.method, which provides participants with the most efficient workout in the shortest amount of time.

Vicki’s first DVD of the v.method program, Cardio Vusion, focuses mainly on cardiovascular health and weight loss. Because the program does not require a lot of time, space or fancy equipment, Vara says the DVD is perfect for students and alumni living in dorms or small apartments.

For every state where a DVD is sold, Vara will donate $3 to the Sussex County Women’s Forum to support women with breast cancer. More information can be found at

From the perspective of a health educator, Vara says she is pleased with the strides the University is taking to grow its health and physical education programs.

“As the obesity rate in our country rises, we will need more and more wellness educators to put an end to this tragic epidemic,” she says. “My advice to current health sciences students is to obtain as much experience in the industry as you can. Take time to work with all populations of people and see which area of wellness makes you the happiest.”

Vara, who currently lives in Byram, NJ, says there is something special about University of Delaware, and that she is excited and proud whenever she learns one of her senior high school students has decided to attend UD.

“I have many fond memories of my time in the UD fitness facilities, going for jogs around campus, and cheering at football games,” says Vara. “I always tell my students that UD is the best place in the whole world!”

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