The Hon. William B. Chandler III, AS73

“The University of Delaware has influenced me more deeply and profoundly than any other institution in my life. Inspiring teachers and scholars such as James R. Soles, Don Harward and James Oliver shaped and influenced who I am today and helped set me on a course of service to the people of this great state."

“Prof. Soles, in particular, has been a lifelong mentor, and for me, he is the perfect example of how a talented and dedicated faculty at the University can do more than just deliver a high-quality education. The University also can help to instill the qualities of good citizenship necessary for each of us to recognize, and to begin repaying, the undischargeable debt we owe to our communities, our state and our country.”

“My wife, Gayle, also Class of ’73, and I are now the very proud parents of another generation of Blue Hens—our son will be a junior and our daughter a freshman in the fall of 2005—which gives us two very good excuses to visit the campus regularly, in addition to attending every home football game (and many away games). Go, Hens!”

—The Hon. William B. Chandler III, AS '73
Chancellor, Delaware Court of Chancery, widely recognized as the nation’s premier business court

published 2005 in UD Messenger

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