Student Homecoming Committee

Student Homecoming Committee

The UD Student Homecoming Committee is responsible for the coordination and execution of one of the largest University events, Homecoming. In 2012, the first ever Student Homecoming Committee (SHC) was formed, as UD recognizes the importance of student involvement in the planning and implementation of events. Students are needed to help plan and manage events, market and advertise Homecoming events, coordinate community and student group outreach, and promote spirit and fun throughout the week of Homecoming activities.

The committee requires a significant time commitment during the year. There are monthly meetings beginning in February, which will continue into the summer and fall semesters.

The application deadline for joining the SHC has passed. If you would still like to be involved in Homecoming, or would like to plan a Homecoming event with your student or alumni, please contact Michael Yancey.

2014 Student Homecoming Committee

The SHC is already planning Homecoming 2014. The committee is composed of 31 students, which includes 13 new members. New members are denoted with an asterisk ( * ).


Nikita Mutter ’15 - Chair
Rachel Strauss ’16 - Vice Chair


Keryn Arnold ‘15*
Tori Burton ‘15
Daniel Carr ‘15
Eliza Carroll ‘16
Jennifer Curatolo ‘15
Darrell Engle ‘15
Brian Engstrom ‘14
Richard Gallo ‘17*
Nicole Giannella ‘16*
Ruthanne Gobielle ‘17*
Nina Golojuch ‘17*
Rubaai Gupta ‘16
Melissa Hatton ‘15
Lindsay Kelly ‘17*
Elena Kochnowicz ‘16
Kelsey Kosinski ‘15
Allison Langh ‘15
Nick Maulbeck ‘16*
Casey McCarthy ‘15
Alex Mlkvy ‘16
Chau Nguyen ‘16*
Victoria Nizzari ‘16*
Daisa Pierce ‘17*
Drew Rutledge ‘15
Katherine Scollay ‘17*
Emily Shea ‘17*
Colleen Soliman ‘15
Kristina Sullivan ‘15
Haley Uzelac ‘16*
Shannon Vercammen ‘16
Debra Wassmer ‘15



If you have any questions please Michael Yancey.