Who are the Student Alumni Ambassadors and what do they do?
The Student Alumni Ambassadors are a diverse group of undergraduate students selected through a competitive process who

  • Encourage school spirit and active participation in campus life.
  • Foster connections between alumni and students both by interacting with current alumni and by encouraging students to consider their role as future alumni.
  • Support the work of the Office of Alumni Relations by serving as student hosts at events of importance to the University community.
  • Serve as an advisory board that meets on occasion with the President and senior administrators to help them stay in touch with the ambitions, thoughts and concerns of current students.
  • Act as a voice for the entire University community, especially through their connections to other student groups and organizations on campus, and use these connections to make positive contributions to the campus and the local community.
  • Aspire to become active UD alumni whose lives will reflect positively on the institution.

What characteristics should a Student Alumni Ambassador possess?
Potential Student Alumni Ambassadors should possess, or should have the potential to possess, many of these characteristics:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Positive, enthusiastic and confident attitude
  • Reliability and dependability
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and experience
  • Patience, tact, flexibility and diplomacy
  • Interest in community service
  • Overwhelming pride in the University of Delaware

What type of commitment does serving as a Student Alumni Ambassador involve?
Student Alumni Ambassadors are expected to attend regular meetings and sub-committee meetings (usually held on weekday evenings) during the fall and spring semesters to discuss and plan for upcoming activities and events. SAAs should communicate regularly during the winter and summer with the group, and may be asked to volunteer during those times, though it is not mandatory. In addition, Student Alumni Ambassadors are expected to assist with University events, such as Homecoming, Parents Weekend, Commencements, Alumni Association awards ceremonies and other events.

What are the benefits of serving as a Student Alumni Ambassador?
Because it is an honor to serve as a Student Alumni Ambassador, many benefits are intangible, such as influencing the future of the University through meetings with the President and senior administrators. Tangible benefits include:

  • Excellent public relations experience to build personal and professional skills—great resume builders!
  • Potential for networking with prominent University alumni and friends
  • In-depth knowledge of the University of Delaware
  • Student Alumni Ambassador apparel
  • Great friendships
  • Opportunity to be awarded the T. Muncy Keith Spirit Award, a $1,000 scholarship presented annually by the University of Delaware Alumni Association to the Student Alumni Ambassador who has made, or has the potential to make, the greatest contributions to the group.

What are the minimum qualifications for applying to serve as a Student Alumni Ambassador?

  • Full-time undergraduate status at the University of Delaware.
  • Completion of at least one full semester (fall or spring) at the University of Delaware by the beginning of the current semester and not graduating before the end of the current academic year. Strong preference will be given to those who have sophomore or junior standing as of the current semester.
  • Minimum UD cumulative GPA of 2.50, which will be verified by the Selection Committee.
  • Good disciplinary standing with the Judicial Affairs Office. By completing and returning the Student Alumni Ambassador application, you are giving the Selection Committee permission to contact the Judicial Affairs Office to review your judicial record (if any). If you are not in good disciplinary standing, you may still apply so long as you explain the circumstances as directed on the backside of the application.
Student Alumni Ambassadors are recruited in the Spring semester of each year.

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