Alumni Spotlight

  • Randall Whitehead
    Randall Whitehead

    "I truly believe that the skill-set that I developed at the University of Delaware allowed me to have the confidence to pursue these various interests as they presented themselves. The University of Delaware helped make me fearless."

  • Dana Herbert
    Dana Herbert

    “Our HRIM program was so strong in that they paired you up with industry professionals your first year through events on and off campus. We interacted regularly with powerhouse hospitality companies such as Marriott, Hyatt, Aramark, Sodexho, Compass and more. This truly helped give our students a leg up on the competition.”

  • Nicole Sherry
    Nicole Sherry

    "The College of Agriculture especially helped because without being introduced to so many different sciences in Agriculture, I would have never learned that I could study turf grass, and be the Head Groundskeeper at one of the coolest ballparks in America!"

  • Sujata Bhatia
    Sujata Bhatia
    "I had a lot of different academic interests as an undergraduate, and the UD gave me the freedom and encouragement to pursue them. In my career, I've seen that engineering and science are increasingly interdisciplinary, so having that ability to explore different fields...was very valuable."
  • Robert Gore
    Robert Gore

    "In the mid 1950s, the chemical engineering department already was nationally recognized, and I chose that field for my undergraduate studies. It was a tough major and I carried 21 credit hours a semester plus the mandatory ROTC service. I also was a member of the Fightin' Blue Hens band. Even then, the University was a center of excellence."

  • Lt. Mark Swinger
    Lt. Mark Swinger

    "My UD experience helped me out because of all the great people I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with. The cross section of people that you meet in the Navy can be different if you haven't spent much time out of your hometown, so getting that experience at school really helped."

  • Rob Van Etten
    Rob Van Etten

    "It's not so much what you learn in school, but it's more about communicating with people and getting to interact with all different types of people. That's how the business world works."

  • William B. Chandler
    William B. Chandler

    "The University of Delaware has influenced me more deeply and profoundly than any other institution in my life. Inspiring teachers and scholars such as James R. Soles, Don Harward and James Oliver shaped and influenced who I am today and helped set me on a course of service to the people of this great state."

  • Suzanne Thomassen-Krauss
    Suzanne Thomassen-Krauss

    "The UD-Winterthur Program in Art Conservation gave me the best of both worlds. There was the intensity of study on campus and the actual experience of working at the museum. One of my most memorable professors at the University was the late Don Heller."

  • Carolann Wicks
    Carolann Wicks

    "The University of Delaware has played a critical role in preparing me for all the major milestones in my career. My undergraduate degree in civil engineering, complemented by my master's degree in public administration, has clearly provided me the educational foundation necessary for a successful career in public service."

  • Sandy Lobel-Witlen
    Sandy Lobel-Witlen

    "I enjoy meeting prospective students and their parents at the College Fairs. It's fun telling students of my UD experiences over the telephone and/or in their houses."

  • Richard S. Mroz
    Richard S. Mroz

    "The University has brought me great friends and acquaintances, the exposure to cultural and social diversity and a tremendous academic foundation that provided me the tools and confidence to excel in my careers of law and public service."

  • Nelson M. Ford
    Nelson M. Ford

    "The graduate training in behavioral observation and analysis I received at the University of Delaware has been valuable throughout my career, initially in the classroom but much more so in the give-and-take in boardrooms and management meetings over the last 30 years."

  • Lauren Stein
    Lauren Stein

    "I'm so glad that it's not a typical job," she says. "Every day, there's something funny that happens. Every day, it's something new. Even on my hardest days, I sit here and I look around and I think, ‘I get paid to make television.' That's just amazing."

  • Leonard Stark
    Leonard Stark

    "I came to the University of Delaware because it uniquely combines the resources of a major, full-service university with a dedication to providing undergraduate students with the best possible educational experience. I loved my time at Delaware, have chosen to make my life and my career here and am proud to be an alum."

  • Megan Dixon
    Megan Dixon

    "In this job, there's a lot of creativity and problem-solving involved and I love that," she says. "Plus, there's great teamwork. I feel very lucky to be doing what I'm doing."

  • Charles C. Allen
    Charles C. Allen

    "What else can I say except that I have been a very fortunate man to have received a sound education at the University of Delaware, which has given me the basis to be successful in life."

  • Phil Castellano
    Phil Castellano

    "The University of Delaware offers a real cross section of the East Coast," the graduate of UD's Sports Management Program says. "There was a high value placed on relationships. That was very important to me while I was there, and it has continued to be important to me ever since."

  • Charles Lewis
    Charles Lewis

    "I grew up in Newark, and when I walked or rode my bicycle on UD's campus, I passed large, attractive buildings, physical structures filled with history and mystery. No one in my family had ever graduated with a college degree or even attended the University of Delaware."

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown

    “Prior to coming to UD I really did not enjoy learning, and did not think I was very good at it. But when I got to UD I really applied myself, and challenged myself. When I saw the internet I thought this was too cool an opportunity to give up. UD provided me that for sure.”

  • Joseph Perello
    Joseph Perello

    “I learned a lot about self-discipline and independence at the University of Delaware. I was also awoken to new cultures and new ways of thinking that helped me understand, by the end of my four years there, that I had a lot to learn about life. My experience at Delaware was wonderful and rewarding.”

  • Chris Christie
    Chris Christie

    "I have nothing but fantastic memories from my years at the University of Delaware. I received a great education. I met my wife. I made lifelong friends. A knowledgeable and caring faculty mentored me. Now 20 years since my graduation, I still have friends at the University and visit the campus on a regular basis."

  • Krista Scudlark
    Krista Scudlark

    "My most fond memory was from my first week on campus, when I was placed in temporary housing in the basement of Warner Hall, with 20 other girls. I didn't know a single soul on campus, but we immediately bonded, and I remain friends with a few of them still. I went on to live in Warner Hall for two years, and I loved it."

  • Bruce Neyers
    Bruce Neyers

    “The University of Delaware taught me how much fun it was to learn. I majored in Chemistry and minored in Economics, and these two exercises both stimulated and satisfied me, despite the fact that I wasn't an especially talented student academically.”

  • Nancy Renner
    Nancy Renner

    “I felt Delaware prepared me very well for all my careers- as an Extension Agent for the University of Maryland and Texas A&M Cooperative Extension Service – as a Nutritionist at a health clinic - as a small business owner, as a Floral Buyer and Merchandiser - as a mom- and now as a Bed & Breakfast owner.”

  • Deanna Forgione
    Deanna Forgione

    “I remember attending lectures where the Communications Department brought in high profile speakers in the communications world. Through the many different sessions I learned what I needed to know from live TV production to film making. In my industry, it is wonderful to have the background knowledge that I possess.”

  • Amy Eschenbrenner
    Amy Eschenbrenner

    “I’ve been blessed with lifelong friends from college days - there’s a group of us who still get together once a year.”

  • Michael Heyl
    Michael Heyl

     “I felt that UD provided the perfect atmosphere to balance a great education and social atmosphere. Whether it was going to football or basketball games, the Deer Park, or just walking around campus, I will always remember my years at Delaware.”

  • Daniel Bubeck
    Daniel Bubeck

    “It was while at UD that I became a countertenor. My teacher was highly supportive in my switch from being a tenor and fostered my development in aspects of repertoire."

  • Vicki Vara
    Vicki Vara

    “My coach suggested that I teach group classes as a part time job. Once I started teaching, I was hooked!” says Vara. “This also happened to be the time when the College of Health Sciences was expanding and beginning to offer some new exciting majors. It seemed to be the perfect fit for me.”

  • Brandon Tull
    Brandon Tull

    “WVUD was a great place to try new things...and really do the show that I wanted to do and not be constrained by a format,” says Tull. “If I wasn’t able to keep working on-air, writing, conceiving and creating at WVUD, I wouldn’t have been able to be successful in this business.”

  • Darnyelle Jervey
    Darnyelle Jervey

    “It was at University of Delaware that I came into my own. Being the first of my siblings to attend college was an eye-opening experience. I gained the confidence to dream big.”

  • Nu Xi Fraternity Alumni Reunion
    Nu Xi Fraternity Alumni Reunion

    "It was so great to reconnect with old friends from UD for an afternoon of food, fellowship and fun."

  • Adam Mayle
    Adam Mayle

    "Unfortunately, not every book can be the next Twilight or Hunger Games. I knew it takes time for a book to build an audience."

  • Rep. Paul Baumbach
    Rep. Paul Baumbach

    "At University of Delaware, I learned how to balance work, life, fun and extracurricular work. I learned that the more you give to your activities, the more you receive back."

  • David DeWalt
    David DeWalt

    “I have to give huge kudos to the computer science and engineering programs at UD for invoking passion into me and my fellow students. I also thought the flexibility of the University was amazing for me as a student-athlete. It let me nurture myself through both athletics and academics. It was that combination that really helped me."

  • Vest Johnson
    Vest Johnson

    “I hope the lasting legacy I leave is one that stresses the importance of relationships. In this day and age of text messaging and social media, I have prided myself on face to face relationship-building that I had with UD patrons, employees, and students. As the University of Delaware Alma Mater says, ‘I give thee thanks for glorious days.’”

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